The class timetable for 2017 – 2018

The regular classes timings of the 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece !!!

Come and experience an hour of high-energy Bollywood dance in 1st Bollywood dance academy!!! This class has something for everyone: exercise, dance technique, expressions, and the latest Bollywood tunes. From the glamour and colourful costumes of Bollywood movies, the dance is informal, vibrant, colourful, exhilarating and so much fun with its emphasis on the musicality, beat, catchiness and storytelling: celebratory, seductive, sad, a love song, various songs for different occasions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced dancer or have never busted a move in your life; we guarantee that you’ll get what you came for and so much more from this class!
It’s a great workout for the brain, because you have to remember the steps … and it’s a great way to remain active.

*The students will get an opportunity to perform at the mega events in December and July. There will be opportunities to perform on TV shows and corporate events and students shall be selected on the basis of merit to be a part of the shows. Some students shall be selected to be a part of the Professional Team of the 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece and get all the above opportunities as well as travel in Greece and abroad to teach and perform in International festivals all over the world.