Programm “Be a Bollywood Dance Professor”

Programm “Be a Bollywood Dance Professor”

The process of getting the diploma is divided into 3 levels.

After each Master Class, each Bollywood Master Teacher exams and gives the candidate the appropriate level certificate so that he/she can pass to the next level. After the process of 3 levels is completed, the candidates will have to give exams in front of a selected committee. Moreover, the prospective Bollywood teacher will have to give exam on theory (based upon the theory given from the Academy) as well as practical level (choreography given by video).

In each level the participant must attend the Master Class (that takes place every 6 months), as well as the weekly classes of 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece. Those interested, that are located into other cities of Greece and can’t attend the weekly lessons of the Academy, must attend the bimonthly intensive trainings of Anna Dimitratou.

The monthly subscription is 30 euro. The Academy is obliged to send its members videos, music of the choreographies and to provide support of any kind, advice and facilitation. The members of the Academy living in other cities of Greece and cannot participate in the weekly classes of the Academy, don’t have an extra surcharge for the bimonthly intensive trainings (the intensive trainings are for free for those who cannot participate weekly but pay their monthly subscription).

Participants must attend 3 Master Trainings – regardless the sequence. For example, a participant can start from the 5th Master Training (that will be held in December 19th and 20th) and continue with the rest that will be given every six months. It is common sense that in this case there will not be exams either theoretically or practically. The exams are given after the final master certificate.

The prospective teachers, after completing their training (participating and completing of the bimonthly training courses and the 3 master trainings), they will have in one month time to send to the Academy a video of a 2minute or 3minute choreography. Moreover, in order to be certified internationally they have to be accredited members of the International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO). Academy is obliged to suggest the enrollment of these members as members of the International Dance Council as well as the international certification. The annual subscription is 30 euro.

To continue, the candidates will give theoretical exam but also dance their choreography before a Committee that will be established for this reason, by internationally renowned teachers and artists.

The exam’s cost is been set at 50 euro (in order to cover the costs and the payment of the committee).

The exams and the award of the Certifications, to the ones that succeeded, will be held in an agreed time by the Academy.

The 1st Master Level – Certificate have been granted in December 2013 and the 2nd one in June 2014 (during the 2nd Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival). The 3rd one was held in November 2014 and the 4th in July 2015, within the limits of 3rd Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival, where also the Diploma Award Ceremony for the First Certified Bollywood Teachers in Greece was held. The process of the Program «Be a Bollywood Dance Professor” will continue – for everyone that will start at the moment – and for the next levels.

The certified teachers of 3rd level can dance at the 4th Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival, either with the rest of the Academy or with their own troupes, presenting their own choreography.

Also, the teachers that have participated even in one master training, qualify for participating with their troupes in the 3rd International Bollywood Dance Competition (to be held within the limits of 4th Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival).