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Online Intensive Training January 2021

ONLINE Intensive Bollywood Dance Training

SUNDAY, JANUARY 31st, 2021
12:00 - 15:00


A unique workshop with Sumon Rudra

History and evolution of Bollywood Dance, with emphasis on the last 30 years.

Analysis of different styles of Folk Dances used in Bollywood Choreographies. Similarities - Differences between Traditional and Modern representation of the Folk music including notes and relevant videos.

2. Technique and Vocabulary

The technique and basic steps. Common Combinations of steps of the dance style and how we use them in the choreography.

3. Choreography

A 1-1:30 mins Choreography which will include some of the basic steps from above so we can practice it more and have the actual feel dancing it in a sequence!

Participation cost: 25 €

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