Master Diplomas

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Master Training

The Master Training Program “Be a Bollywood Dance Professor” offers participants the ability to acquire the set of skills for becoming a professional in the spectacular dance of Bollywood!

With the appropriate training, consistency and personal effort, participants now have the chance to become certified Bollywood Dance Professors, via the program offered by the 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece that has been running since December of 2013.

The process for acquiring the diploma is divided into 3 levels.

Program “Be a Bollywood Dance Professor”

Upon the completion of each Master Class, the candidate is assessed by a Bollywood Master Teacher and given the appropriate level certification, so that he/she can pass to the next level. After all three levels have been completed, the candidates will have to present themselves for examination in front of a selected committee. The prospective Bollywood teacher will be examined on a theoretical level (based on the theoretical material provided by the Academy) as well as on a practical level (a video choreography assigned by the Academy).

In order to complete each level, the participant must attend the Master Class that takes place every 6 months, as well as the weekly classes of 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece. Special intensive training courses are being offered by Anna Dimitratou every two months, in order to accommodate participants living outside of Athens who are not able to attend the Academy lessons on a weekly basis.

The monthly subscription is 30 euros. The Academy is obliged to send its members all the necessary videos, music and choreography material, as well as to provide all kinds of support, advice and assistance.

There will be no extra charge for the non-Athenian members of the Academy for the intensive training courses that take place every two months. The intensive courses are free for those who cannot participate weekly but pay their monthly subscription.

Participants must complete all three Master Trainings – regardless of the sequence. For example, a participant can start with the 5th Master Training (that will be held in December 19th and 20th) and proceed with the next ones that will be given every six months. In this case, it is common sense that he/she will be examined theoretically and/or practically only until after the final master certificate has been completed.

The prospective teachers, upon completion of their training – which includes all of the intensive courses offered every two months, as well as the three master trainings – will have a month’s time to prepare and send the Academy a video of a 2-minute or 3-minute choreography of their own.

Moreover, in order to be certified internationally they have to be accredited members of the International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO). The Academy is obliged to suggest the membership of participants to the International Dance Council as well as their international certification. The annual subscription to the CID amounts to 30 euros.

In order to continue, the candidates will be examined both in theory and practice – i.e., perform their choreography – before a Committee of internationally renowned teachers and artists that will be formed specifically for this purpose.

The fee for the exam is 50 euros, and covers the costs and payment of the committee.

Examination dates as well as the ceremony for awarding of the Certifications to the successful graduates will be scheduled by the Academy.

The 1st Master Level – Certificates have been awarded in December 2013 and the 2nd ones in June 2014 (during the 2nd Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival).

The awarding of the 3rd Master Level – Certificates took place in November 2014 and the 4th of July 2015, within the context of 3rd Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival, alongside with the Diploma Award Ceremony for the First Certified Bollywood Teachers in Greece.

In 2016 και  2017 – after systematic training – new Bollywood Dance have been accredited in Greece. The award of the Master diplomas took place in a special ceremony during the 4th and 5th “Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival” at Dora Stratou Theatre.

The process of the Program «Be a Bollywood Dance Professor” will continue – for participants starting anew – as well as for the next levels.

The certified teachers of 3rd level can dance at the Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival, either in collaboration with the Academy or with their own troupes, presenting their own choreography.

Finally, even teachers that have participated in just one master training will qualify for participating with their troupes in the International Bollywood Dance Competition (to be held within the context of the Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival).