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Intensive Training October 2017

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Intensive Bollywood Dance Training
at Artistic Studio Oriental Expression


A unique workshop with exclusive choreographies by  Anna Dimitratou and Sumon  Rudra

The First bimonthly Bollywood Intensive Training of the “1st Bollywood Dance Academy  Greece” for the new dancing season will take place on Sunday, October 1st, 2017 (12.00 – 17.00) at the Artistic Studio Oriental Expression (Antiopis 31, Aghios Dimitrios – Dafni Metro Station).

This intensive will introduce you to the most contrasting sides of Bollywood – Traditional and Modern , highlighting the evolution of Bollywood dance over the years.

Thematic Seminar: Traditional and Modern Bollywood

  • 12.00 – 15.00 Traditional Bollywood with Anna Dimitratou
    Kathak: Where do we meet it and how do we fit it into Bollywood choreographies

– Theory: Historical facts, birth of Kathak and Bollywood, technique including steps, hand gestures  and music.
– Warm up:  Introduction to basic steps of Kathak and Bollywood
– Basic technique of Kathak movements, which will be used in the choreography
– Facial Expressions (Abhinaya)
– Bollywood  Kathak Choreography (Mujra style)

  • 15.00 – 17.00 Modern Bollywood with Sumon Rudra

Bollywood Dance is a fusion of various Indian classical and folk dances. The modern Bollywood combines countless other dance forms such as Hiphop, Contemporary Dance, Latin , Jazz, RnB and others.

The choreography to be taught is a mixture of Bollywood cinematic and expressive moves with dynamic hip-hop moves. After the warm-up, the participants are gradually led to the understanding of physical movement, followed by a fun, energetic, fast and dynamic choreography with Bollywood music of modern times.


This Intensive aims to provide an opportunity for those  who live out of Athens  – and those who live in Athens but cannot attend the weekly program – to have an introduction to Bollywood dance and be able to learn the choreographies of the 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece.

The seminar is open not only for both amateurs and professionals dancers, actors, but also to whoever wishes to learn Bollywood dance. There is no age limit and no prior dancing background required to attend this workshop.

Price : 50 euro (20 euro for academy members)

* At the end of the seminar will be a Bollywood movie showcase in the studio (17:30 – 20:00)  with free  Indian tea and popcorn.

  • The training material and especially the choreography is property of the 1st Bollywood Dance Academy and may not be taught by others for any reason. Right to teach the choreography are only accredited teachers of the Academy.

See Anna’s resume here.
See Sumon’s resume here.

Information & Registrations here.