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Invitation to the 1st Bollywood Flashmob in Greece
due to the International Dance Day

                On Saturday 27th of April at Kerameikos Square, Athens is celebrating the International Dance Day with the first Bollywood Flash Mob Event taking place in our country. An outburst of joy, optimism and positive energy in the limits of the free expression and cultural acceptance, that refers to those who express themselves through dancing and wish to become members of this mass, original and colourful dance show!

Among the unsuspecting crowd, at 17:00 o’clock in the afternoon suddenly music will sound and more than a hundred people will start dancing a choreography that was especially made for this event. Unexpected smiles will appear at Kerameikos Square and countless mobiles will record this outburst of joy and personnal expression.

The invitation to participate is open and refers to everyone invariably, dancers and dance students, regular citizens, men and women, adults and children. Only condition is the positivity, smile and the desire to dance in front of the eyes of hundred unsuspecting passengers.

For those who wish to participate at this beautiful celebration, we inform you that the choreography will be taught FOR FREE and the rehearsals will be held at Artistic Studio Oriental Expression (metro Station: Agios Dimitrios, tel. 2109735888 & 6992553320) starting on Saturday 23rd of March and every Saturday at 18:00. For those who want to participate but can’t attend to the rehearsals it takes only an e-mail at info@orientalexpression.gr so the choreography video can be sent to them.

On Saturday the 27th of April at 17:00, Athens is celebrating, dancing and charms with colorful costumes under the upbeat sound of Bollywood. You are invited to participate in this unique celebration. Don’t miss this opportunity!


The Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/458383897567444