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1st time in Greece!!!




Artistic Studio Oriental Expression and Anna Dimitratou, director of 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece, invite you to this SPECIAL Bollywood Master Training with the internationally renowned Indian teacher, actor, dancer and choreographer Sunny Singh.

The participants of this master will become THE FIRST certified BOLLYWOOD PROFESSORS in GREECE!!

REGISTER NOW and become professors of this extraordinary dance that at the same time is a very special fitness program…

Be a Certified Bollywood Professor!!!

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd December 2013

Saturday 17.00-20.00 (Open Level)

Sunday 12.00-15.00 – 16.00-19.00 (For those interested in being professors)

Those who wish to become Bollywood professors must attend all three 3-hour workshops (Total cost 120 euro – 100 euro for the members of the Academy).

Training Cost (Open Level): Saturday 40 euro (30 euro for the members of the Academy)

The process of getting the diploma is divided into 3 levels.
After each Master Class Sunny Singh exams and gives the candidate the analogue level certificate so that he/she can pass to the next level.
After the process of the 3 levels is completed, the candidate will have to give exams in front of a selected committee.
In each level the participant must attend to the Master Class of our teacher, Sunny Singh, and to all of the weekly classes of Sunny Singh Bollywood Dance Academy Greece.
Those interested, that are located into other cities of Greece and can’t attend to the weekly lessons of the Academy, must attend the intensive trainings of Anna Dimitratou (every two months).
The first Master Level – certificate will be given in December, the second in June (at the 2nd Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival) and the last (third) the December of 2014. The certified teachers of Level 1 can perform choreographies of the Academy at the Festival either as part of the Academy or with their own group!

The monthly subscription is 30 euro. The Academy is obliged to send its members videos, music of the choreographies and to provide support of any kind, advise and facilitation.
The members of the Academy don’t have an extra subscription (the intensive trainings are for free for those who can’t attend to the weekly classes) for the intensive trainings or the choreographies that will be sent to them.

The Open Level Training of the 21st of December will take place at “Hitirio” theatre at Gazi area (Iera Odos 44, +30210 3412313), and will be followed by a MEGA BOLLYWOOD PARTY at the same place at 9 in the evening.

Workshop descriptions

General Workshop:

Authentic Bollywood traditional Choreography

Open for all the People who love Dance and Music.

From Basic to a Good Bollywood dance level.

Workshops for the professional by Sunny Singh Bollywood Dance Company.

Its a Professional and a very Special Class for those who really Love dance and want to make a Career in Dancing Field.

Each Course is divided into two Classes, 3 Hours each class.

The first class will be basically informative regarding the history of Bollywood, Dance culture in India, Festivals of India, and the importance of Bollywood in India. Of cource it will include a few basics of Folk and classical dances (mostly used in Bollywood) with a nice choreography.

The second Class will be the continuation of the first Class in order to go on with the Characteristics of Bollywood Dance. Here we work on one specefic choreography with Facial expressions, Body Language, Body postures and Rhythm.

Well, this is a course where all the teachers will not only learn to dance on the Bollywood choreographies but also, at the end of the course, they  will know how to Choreograph basic Bollywood Songs.


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