Bollywood Master Training – December 2015

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Be a certified Bollywood Dance Professor!!!
December, Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th, 2015

“When Bollywood meets classical Indian Dance”

With Anna Dimitratou, Elina Kikili, Sumon Rudra, Eirini Georgiou and Kleoniki Karachaliou

Saturday 15:00 – 20:00
Sunday 12:00 – 17:00

Those who wish to become Bollywood professors must attend the workshops of both days (10 hours in total) or at least the Open Level Bollywood of Saturday and five hours of Sunday (7 hours in total).

Workshops will be given at Artistic Studio Oriental Expression (272A, Vouliagmenis Avenue – Metro station “Aghios Dimitrios”).

Workshops’ Timetable and Description

1st DAY (December, Saturday 19th):

15:00 – 16:00 Kleoniki Karachaliou: Bharata Natyam (Classical Indian Dance)

  • Warm up
  • Basic Steps
  • Jathis – Combination of adavus (kinesiological forms) with music
  • Abhinaya (Expression)
  • Choreography

16:00 – 18:00 Elina Kikili: Khalbelia (Folklore Gypsy Indian Dance)
In this workshop we will discuss the traditions, culture and the importance of dance in the gypsy society of Khalbelia.

We will learn of the basic techniques and steps of the Sapera tribe. We will focus on rhythmic steps, the hand positions and facial expressions and also a short but very pleasant choreography!

18:.00 – 20:00 Anna Dimitratou, Sumon Rudra, Eirini Georgiou: Bollywood Dance Open Level
Basic Bollywood Dance Steps with a happy and powerful choreography.
*The seminar is obliged to the prospective Bollywood teachers and open for everyone that loves dance and music

2nd DAY (December, Sunday 20th): Master Training
Professional and very special program for those who really love to dance and are interested in succeed in a professional way.

12:00 – 15:00 Elina Kikili: Odissi (Classical Indian Dance)
In this workshop we will warm up with Vinyasa Krama Yoga. The Vinyasa movements flow and they are almost like dance, they help the body to soften and stretch properly for dancing while, with the synchronizing of breathing, “cleans” mind and consecration is assisted during the class to have the maximum results!

We also are going to be taught

– the two basic positions of Odissi (Choka and Tribungi), and some of the mudras (hand gestures).
– the expressive part of a classical choreography. Choreography is named Guru Bandana and describes the 3 basic gods of Hinduism Brahma – Vishnu – Shiva and the honors that attributed by the believers.

15:00 – 17:00 Anna Dimitratou: Bollywood Professional
In this workshop you will be taught:

  • Basic steps that have been borrowed by classical Indian Dances in Bollywood and face expressions (Abhinaya)
  • Semi-classical Bollywood choreography

During this time we will also work our body language (face movements, body posture and rhythms).

Training Cost
Total cost € 100 (€ 90 for the Academy members)
Early Package with enrollment until December 5: € 90 (€ 80 for the Academy members)

Individual Workshops
Saturday (5 hours) € 60 (Academy members € 50)
Sunday (5 hours) € 60
Odissi (3 hours) € 40
Khalbelia (2 hours) € 30
Odissi – Khalbelia (5 hours) € 60
Bollywood Dance – Open Level (2 hours) € 30
Bharatanatyam (1 hour) € 20
Bollywood Dance (Open Level) – Bharatanatyam (3 hours) € 40
Bollywood Dance Professional (2 hours) € 30
Bollywood Dance (Open Level) – Bharatanatyam – Bollywood Dance Professional (5 hours) € 60




On Sunday 20 December at 21:00, in Art – Cafe “Chytirio” a Party – Show will take place, where participants will have the opportunity to watch their teachers and visitors in unique Classical Indian Dances and Bollywood choreographies. The event will involve in a party that Academy members will dance along with all of you!!!

Entrance: 5 ευρώ