Bharata Natyam Workshop with Kleoniki Karachaliou

Bharata Natyam Workshop with Kleoniki Karachaliou

Bharatanatyam was an ancient sacred dance which flourished in South India. It is a composite art in which drama, music, poetry and rhythm act as a whole.

Natyam is the term which declares the art, whereas bharata=

Bha= (bhava: dramatic expression)
Ra= (raga: melody, poetry)
Ta= (talla: rhytm)

The date of this dance is under question, as its roots are lost throughout the ages. Its whole theory is recorded in an ancient theoretical work, called “Natya-Shastra”, which is said to have been written between 200 BC- 300 AD. It is about a combination of a number of writers, and generally, the Indians consider it to come from a divine origin. Natyam-Shastra impressively deals with a lot of subjects (drama, hand language, acting, setting the scene , costumes, etc.) and attempts to reconstruct dramatic human experience.

Today bharata natyam is a form of art which consists of political and social elements that lasted through the challenges of time. As far as a sheer ritual destined for temples is concerned, it evolved into a form of classical dance whose rich vocabulary of bharatanatyam is huge and various. Its richness was recognised by pioneers of Contemporary Dance such as Ruth St.Devis,Martha Graham, Erik Hawkins.

This seminar addresses to anyone who involves in any type of Indian dance, either the classical style or even Bollywood.

Throughout this seminar the following will be taught:
1. Jathis: dancing phrases, combination of different adavus (steps)
2. An Introduction to classical choreography Thodaya mangalam (inspired by the Indian Epic Ramayana) with dancing movements and expression (Bhava).
3. Learning of eight different types of women, who are mentioned in Bharata Natyam’s texts.
4. Learning of movements (head, neck and eye movements) which come from the ancient theoretical work Natya Sastra.

Training Cost: € 20 (€ 15 for Studio’s members)

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