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Alkmini Tsakiri

She was born in Athens in 1990. She has been involved with dancing from an early age. In the last few years, she has been involved professionally with bollywood dance, participating in festivals of the 1st Bollywood Academy in Greece, in which she has been a member since 2016. She has participated with the Academy in television shows, performances, and the show “Greece Got Talent”. She has also participated in ‘Kalamata Dance Cup’ dancing bollywood. In addition, she has participated and choreographed a mini video dancing bollywood modern with a co-dancer.

In 2019, she received her diploma as a bollywood teacher, from the 1st Bollywood Academy in Greece.

For several years, she was also involved with acrobatic gymnastics as a member of the Acrobatic-Dance Team of Lycée Leonin of Nea Smyrni, Greece, and as a member of the Dance Team Faceless, participating in national, European and international festivals and competitions in Greece and other countries. She has performed in big theaters in Greece, such as Herodion and Megaro Mousikis in Athens.

She has been taught ballet and modern dance, in which she has received diplomas. She has also been taught contemporary, funky jazz, tango, capoeira, bollywood.

In addition, she has studied chemistry at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, with a postgraduate degree in Newcastle, England, on “Medicinal Plants and Functional Foods” and has worked as a chemist at a Greek pharmaceutical company.


She has attended bollywood seminars by Indian and European choreographers / dancers such as Naz Choundhury, Ilona Kolachana, Kinga Malec, Sneha Mistri, Devesh Mirchandani, Daniel Paul, Chase Constantino, Anna Dimitratou, Sumon Rudra.
In 2018, she taught a bollywood seminar in Athens.

Other interests: piano, hiking in the nature, theatre, kayak, travelling.